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Where Your Dog Is Our ONLY Priority!

Dog Boarding In Greensboro, North Carolina



We're delighted to announce the expansion of Dogs Anonymous Dog Training

into Dogs Anonymous Dog Boarding

At Dogs Anonymous Dog Boarding your pooch (or pooches) will be the only dogs on site! Our top priority at Dogs Anonymous is still in training dogs and their owners to be the very best friends, so when we decided to add on boarding for our offerings, we wanted to offer it in a way that was unique in boarding. That uniqueness lies in how we board only dogs from one household at a time. We feel this offers the most trouble free, stress free environment for both dog and human. No temperament testing, no separating out dogs during play time, none of the usual stressors that most boarders have in order to maximize time and money. Being efficient is great, but we don't feel it's worth our or YOUR peace of mind!

   New Book

As a single mom, you know how difficult time management can be with work, children, managing a household but when you throw a dog/pup into the equation, chaos can ensue! 

Chris Martin (quickly) walks the single mom through the dog training gauntlet.

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